5 steps to become a credible, world-class consultant regardless of age, without connections, or an Ivy League degree

Learn strategies I used to build a world-class brand in less than 18 months

Less than 2 years ago, I decided it was time to focus on elevating my personal brand. As an introvert I thought I could rely on my technical expertise to speak for me. And at first it was. But as I progressed in my professional life, I realized the impact of not taking full control of my personal brand was negatively impacting my career. While immediate peers and colleagues knew of me, I was a complete unknown to the outside world.

I knew that a strong personal brand would help create influence and confidence in any work environment, obtain more clients, and command higher fees. The real question was, how do I get started? I decided to invest time conducting research to come up with a personal branding strategy and action plan. That was November 2016.

What happened next was unimaginable. 

In this free masterclass, I share the steps I took to create an ironclad brand and what you can do to build a profitable, credible, and world-class consulting brand that will take your business to an entirely different level. 

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Christie Lindor

Christie Lindor has spent her entire 18+ year career as a consultant, spanning from being a management consultant at the world’s top consulting firms, being an internal consultant inside an organization, and as an independent consultant with her own practice. A TEDx speaker and Forbes contributor, she is the Founder of The Purpose Driven Consultant School and author of the award-winning book, The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants. Her work has been featured in Forbes, TIME Magazine, Fast Company, and many more.

Given her vast experience in consulting, Christie enjoys being a frequent sounding board to dozens of mentees and has protégées doing great things all around the world.